County Ditch #15




- Section 4, T-125N, R 31W (Albany Directory)
- Branch 2 extending North into Section 31, T-126N, R 31W (Krain)
- Section 24, T-125N, R 32W (Oak Directory)

Composite: The system consists of approximately 8.36 miles of open ditch eventually converting into a private ditch for 1,800 feet and out-letting into Getchell Creek (CD26).



The SRWD hired viewers in October of 2010, to determined benefits of properties affected by County Ditch 15. The viewers determine the damages to lands and properties affected by acquisition of property rights for the establishment of best management practices, including grass strips, necessary to control erosion, sedimentation, improve water quality, or maintain the efficiency of the drainage system as part of the Redetermination of Benefits on County Ditch 15.

Total Benefit: $670,130.00
Total Damages: $54,566.00

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