County Ditch #9




- Section 30, T-125N, R 33W (Grove Directory)
- Section 4, T-124N, R 34W (Lake George Directory)
- Section 31, T-125N, R 32W (Oak Directory)

Composite: County Ditch #9 is 10.8 miles long with 8.8miles of open ditch and 2.0 miles of tile. The main ditch starting in section 30 in Grove Township flowing eastward until it turns back into a private ditch west of Lake Marie. The ditch has one branch located West of Meire Grove, containing both open ditch and tile flowing south outleting into the main branch.



The benefits and damages where re-determined in 1984. There has also been additional review on whether or not the 1984 redetermination remains applicable, and it was determined the 1984 remains appropriate for assessing future repair costs.

Total benefit: $221,234.00
Total Damages: $88,656.00

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