Classroom Kits

Through our increased contact with school teachers and the ever-abundant budget cuts the last couple years, we have seen science programs sliced from school curriculums state wide creating a need for science programs in grades K-8. Teachers have expressed a need for a free program that gives them the most resources and information to use within their limited time frame. To solve this watershed wide dilemma, the Sauk River Watershed District put together a program that gives teachers all the resources they need for a 1-2 week curriculum focused on Minnesota's endangered fresh water resources.

Grades K-8

Fresh Water Habitat Classroom Kit available at Sauk River Watershed District

This program creates a strong ethical foundation for students to make informed decisions about their impact on the environment. It also introduces concepts and topics discussed at home, in school and in the media such as our relationship to the hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico.

It has created awareness among the communities' youth about the sensitivity of water quality and concern over the State's diminishing fresh water and native habitat resources. Biological specimens, books, posters, videos, audiotapes, and classroom activities are among the many items found in each kit.