County Ditch #17


Section 4, T-125N, R 35W (Raymond Directory)

Section 23, T-126N, R 35W (Ashley Directory)

The land drained by County Ditch #17 lies in Stearns County about 4.5 miles southwest of Waite Park, Minnesota. The Ditch consists of a main stem and three branches with one sub-branch, flowing northerly and north easterly into the Sauk River. The total ditch length with branches is 7.5 miles.


  • May of 1905 CD17 was established.
  • The Ditch was transferred to the SRWD in 2003.
  • May of 2010 an inspection was completed to view beaver dam and sediment removal.


The benefits and damages were re-determined in 1987. The re-determination was part of an improvement proceeding. The improvement was denied, however the benefits and damages were approved.

Total Benefits: $113,653.00
Total Damages: $4,243.00