Stearns County Ditch #19


Start - Section 7, T-122-N, R-30-W, Luxemburg Township
End - Section 1, T-122-N, R-31-W, Eden Lake Township



County Ditch # 19 is approximately 1.83 miles about four miles northwest of Eden Valley, MN. The ditch consists of two branches off the main stem flowing south then westerly eventually becoming a private ditch, that outlets into Long Lake.  The branches are ~370 feet and ~625 in length, respectively.  Both branches flow from east to west.


  • County ditch #19 was established in 1905.
  • Ditch was transferred to the SRDA in 2003.
  • A Redetermination of Benefits was ordered in 2016.
  • The final Viewer's Report was adopted in 2017.
  • Total Benefits - $335,403
  • Total damages (acquisition of the grass buffer strip) - $23,224.12.