County Ditch #26


Section 5, T-126N, R 32W (Millwood Directory)

Section 1, T-124N, R 33W (Spring Hill Directory)

This system is approximately 21.68 miles long. Generally flowing south and west before it transitions to a natural stream. CD26 is also known as Getchell Creek and is recorded as a public water.


  • The original ditch was constructed in July of 1905
  • The ditch was transferred to the SRWD from Stearns county in 2003
  • A survey was conducted in 2010 determining the alignment and profile.
    • The survey determined CD15 is able to convey a 2-year precipitation event north of I-94 and a 5-year precipitation event south of I-94.
    • An analysis of CD26 channel capacity resulted in specific reaches were in need of repair.
  • In 2013 the Drainage Authority determined CD26 will be broken into two repair segments to go for bid
  • In June of 2013 the SRWD advertised "Phase one" for bids, including:
    • Tree clearing
    • Approximately 53,203 LF of ditch cleaning including excavation, grubbing, vegetation removal, and disposal of materials
    • Approximately 23,290 LF of ditch cleaning including vegetation and brush removal only
    • Approximately 1050 SY of Class II Riprap at existing drain tile outlets (including geotextile underlayment)
    • Approximately 342 LF of culvert removal and offsite disposal (RCP)
    • Approximately 342 LF of culvert installation (diameter varies; RCP w/ flared end sections)
    • Approximately 360 SY of Class III riprap (including geotextile underlayment)
    • Approximately 120 SY of bituminous pavement
    • Buffer Establishment, Site Restoration and Erosion Control
  • January of 2014 New Look Contracting, Inc. was contracted for the repair.
  • December of 2014 New Look Contracting, Inc. has completed 90% of the repair.
  • Phase II is set to begin once the DNR has approved of the repair plans


The SRWD hired viewers in October of 2010, to determined benefits of properties affected by County Ditch 26. The viewers determine the damages to lands and properties affected by acquisition of property rights for the establishment of best management practices, including grass strips, necessary to control erosion, sedimentation, improve water quality, or maintain the efficiency of the drainage system as part of the Redetermination of Benefits on County Ditch 26.

Total benefit: $1,191,097.95
Total Damages: $378,600.00