County Ditch #51


Section 5, T 125N, R 35W (Raymond Directory)

Section 34, T 126N, R 35W (Ashley Directory)

The headwaters begin approximately 9 miles southwest of the City of Sauk Centre. The ditch has 2.7 miles of tile and 4.5 of open ditch. The main ditch generally flows west to east for approximately 2.3 miles, and then continues north for approximately 2.2 additional miles. The 7.2 mile long drainage system drains lands which consist primarily of agricultural land, woods and wetlands.


  • The original ditch was constructed in 1988
  • The ditch was transferred to the SRWD in 2003
  • A survey was conducted on the entire system in October of 2012
  • The survey determined the system is generally out of repair with extensive vegetation growth and siltation.
  • In December of 2013 the SRWD advertised for bids, including:
    • Approximately 22,000 LF of ditch cleaning including excavation, grubbing, vegetation removal, and disposal of materials
    • Approximately 900 LF of ditch cleaning including vegetation and brush removal only
    • Approximately 500 SY of Class II Riprap at existing drain tile outlets (including geotextile underlayment
    • Buffer Establishment, Site Restoration and Erosion Control
  • January of 2014 Giese Tilling and Excavating, Inc. was awarded the contract
  • Buffer strips were acquired in February of 2014.
  • The repair is schedule to begin in the winter of 2015 to 2016


The benefits and damages are still from the original viewers report in 1988.

Total Fenefit: $290,706.00
Total Damages: $37,972.00