Pope County Ditch #6


Section 11, T-125N, R 36W (Grove Lake Directory)
Section 4, T-124N, R 34W (Lake George Directory)

Section 14, T-126N, R 36W (Westport Directory)

Background: Landowners along JD1 expressed concerns that PCD 6 no longer has the ability to convey water as designed. Based on landowners concern, staff visited JD1 and PCD 6 on June 29th. At the regularly scheduled Drainage Authority Meeting on July 21st, staff presented the landowner petition and gave a presentation on inspection findings.

Following the July Drainage Authority Meeting staff sent postcards to PCD 6 landowners alerting them to a landowner informational meeting on August 12th. The information meeting intended to notify landowners of current proposed activity and to get feedback. Prior to the August Drainage Authority meeting staff contacted 3 contractors to get estimates for vegetation removal, clearing culverts and other blockages figure 1 is a depiction of associated work. Based on the estimates, MBC was selected.


  • County Ditch #6 was established in 1906
  • The Ditch was transferred to the SRWD in 1991
  • Last official repair was approved on October 7th 1996. The work included re-sloping to a 2 x 1 slope, deepening where necessary, leveling old and new spoil, removing and piling trees 50' either side of centerline, seeding 1 rod on either side of ditch plus the side slops.
  • In 2007, the Drainage Authority received a request from landowners to increase the flow capacity of the culvert crossing at County Road 33.
    • The Drainage Authority contract Barr engineering to review the request and analyze upstream and downstream flood impacts. The report is in Appendix A.
    • The conclusion of the analysis was the upstream flood levels would not be altered by upsizing culverts alone.


County Ditch #6 went through a re-determination of benefits in 1994. Benefits were determined for all benefitted properties within the watershed whether benefitted directly from the ditch construction or contributing to the need for additional system capacity and maintenance.

Total Benefit: $264,392.10