Judicial Ditch #1


Section 5, T-125N, R 35W and Section 16, T 125N, R35W (Raymond Directory)

Section 26, T-126N, R 26W (Westport Directory)

Judicial Ditch 1 is the only ditch where the SRWD is the drainage authority of and crosses a county line. The land drained by JD1 starts in Stearns County about 8.5 miles Southwest of Sauk Centre, Minnesota. The Ditch consists of a main stem, two branches and two sub-branch, flowing northeast into County Ditch #6. The total ditch length with branches is 7.5 miles.


  • JD1 was established in 1906
  • The Ditch was transferred to the SRWD in 1991
  • The most current action was an abandonment proceeding in 2012 of Lateral One of Branch One


The current benefits is what the viewer's originally determined in 1906.

Total Benefit: $2,885.40