Rules & Permit Requirements of the Sauk River Watershed District

The Sauk River Watershed District (the “District”) is required by Minnesota Chapter Statutes 103D to promulgate administrative rules. The District is also required by state law to adopt a watershed management plan. The watershed management plan identifies certain issues that are central to the District’s overarching purposes. The District’s watershed management plan identifies several areas where District rules are necessary to effectuate the District’s statutory purposes. These areas are storm water management, erosion control, drainage, and water uses. The District’s rules are intended to fill gaps in existing federal, state, and local regulations and are not intended to duplicate existing regulations.

Permit Application & Information

Permit Packet Notice

The SRWD Permit Packet is known as a 'Fillable PDF'. You can either fill it out and sign on your computer or print the document and fill it out by hand, as in the past. SRWD prefers the documents be provided electronically. Thank You!

Mail or Email in Applications

Completed applications should be sent to the Sauk River Watershed District, 642 Lincoln Road, Sauk Centre, MN 56378.

They can also be emailed to

Submitting the Completed Application

Review the information in the Sauk River Watershed District Rules PDF Format and utilize the Permit Application Packet to determine if you need to apply for a permit with the District. Please note that the Authorized Agent Form must be submitted with the permit application if someone other than the property owner wishes to be the main contact for the project. This form needs to be filled out completely and signed by both the property owner and the intended authorized agent. If there are any questions regarding this form, please contact the district office.

Applications will be reviewed to determine if they require a District permit. Permits may be approved Administratively, by the Board of Managers, or through the General permit mechanism, dependent upon project parameters. If an application for a permit is needing approval by the board, the District requests that it be provided at least ten days prior to the next board meeting to ensure sufficient time for adequate review.