Pope County Ditch #11


Section 26, T-126N, R 26W (Westport Directory)

Section 36, T-126N, R 36W (Westport Directory)

The land drained by Pope County Ditch #11 lies in Pope County about 1.5 miles south of Westport, Minnesota. The Ditch consists of a main stem, flowing Southeast and West into Branch One of County Ditch #6. The total ditch length with branches is 3.0 miles.


  • Pope County Ditch #11 was established in 1907
  • The Ditch was transferred to the SRWD in 1991
  • Currently the Drainage Authority has completed an inspection of the ditch in 2014
  • The Drainage Authority will complete a full survey of the Ditch in the summer of 2015


The current benefits are from a redetermination done in the late 1980s.

Total Benefit: $48,586.04