Specialized Programs

In order to focus our programming to the individual needs of the various age levels and requirements, the education program is flexible and willing to develop specialized curriculum for the specific needs of each class.

Over the past years, many of our educators throughout the District began asking us to develop specialized programs and projects to fulfill a missing aspect into their curriculum or specific lesson plan. We enjoy creating lessons and content to work with each individual educator to adjust our current programming, or even work with the educator to develop new programming. In fact, many of our current programs came to fruition from brainstorming with educators to fill in the gaps they were missing due to budget cuts or the lack of available resources.

Programing Examples

Students exploring nature - Specialized Programs at Sauk River Watershed District

If you would like us to work on any specific projects for your class, feel free to contact our education coordinator to meet with you to discuss what we can do to help improve the education of the area youth.

Specialized Programming Examples

  • Streambank Assessment
  • Vegetation Surveys
  • Stream Geology
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Various Field days
  • And Many, Many More...