Stearns County Ditch Zion - Munson


Start - Section 35, T-125-N, R-32-W, Zion Township

End - Section 19, T-123-N, R-31-W, Munson Township


Stearns Zion-Munson Ditch flows generally from Southwest to Northeast, following the topography of the landscape, constructed in the lowest part of it’s sub-watershed. The ditch is approximately 3 miles in length and drains approximately 15 Square Miles.


  • Stearns Zion-Munson was established in 1906
  • Ditch was transferred to the SRWD in 2003
  • A Redetermination of Benefits was conducted in 2016.
  • The final Viewer’s Report was adopted in March, 2017.
  • The ditch appears stable and functioning. Landowners did not feel there was a need for any detailed investigation as the system seems to be functioning fine.
  • Total Benefits - $5,553,093.57