Traveling Library

The Traveling Library Board is another tool the SRWD uses to educate youth on the importance of water resources. This hands-on board engages students through various approaches to learning. The board targets elementary students throughout the District and informs them of ways that they can make a difference in preservation of waterways.

All Grade Levels

A Wide Range Of Content

The board is in route from early October to April each year, making a one-week stop at all interested host schools. The District staff delivers, sets-up the board and provides information packets to the interested teachers to use during class visits to the board. A week later, the District staff will tear down the board and move it to the next scheduled school.

Past topics for the library board have been What are Wetlands?, The Wacky World of Water Bugs, MN Most Unwanted (Invasive Species), and Wetland Birds of MN. Library boards can be designed based on teacher suggestions. If you have a suggestion for a board topic that you would like to see, contact the SRWD staff today!