Water Quality Projects

Grant Reports

2020 Little Birch Lake Assn Summary
2020 Sauk River Chain of Lakes Assn Summary
2017 Ashley Creek & Adley Creek Inventory Yearend
2017 - Water Quality Report
2017 Chain of Lakes Target Reduction Yearend
2017 Ditch inventory and Inspection Database Yearend
2017 Middle Sauk River Targeted Reduction and Outreach Yearend
2017 Mill Creek – Nutrient Reduction Yearend
2017 Osakis Nutrient Reduction – crooked lake Yearend
2017 Osakis Subwatershed-Nutrient Reduction Yearend
2017 Pope County Ditch 6 Drainage Management Yearend
2017 SRWD Groundwater Protection Yearend
2017 Stearns County Ditch 26 Yearend
2017 Stormwater Clean Water Assistance Grant Yearend

2016 Accelerated Implementation CWF Grant Yearend
2016 Ashley Adley Inventory CWF Grant Yearend
2016 Chain of Lakes - EdenValley CWF Grant Yearend
2016 Clean Water Assistance CWF Grant Yearend
2016 Conservation Drainage CWF Grant Yearend
2016 County Ditch 26 Drainage Management CWF Grant Yearend
2016 Ditch Inventory Database CWF Grant Yearend
2016 Middle Sauk Target Reduction CWP Grant Yearend
2016 Mill Creek - Nutrient Reduction EPA Grant Yearend
2016 Osakis Lake - Crooked Lake EPA Grant Yearend
2016 Osakis Subwatershed - Nutrient Reduction EPA Grant Yearend
2016 SRWD Groundwater protection CWP Grant Yearend
2016 Public Notice for Categorical Exclusion for Environmental Review for the SRWD Groundwater Protection Project
2016 Ditch Inventory Inspection Database - 2015 Year End All Details Report
2016 Conservation Drainage Management Report
2016 Clean Water Assistance Grant - Stormwater Retrofit
2016 Ashley Creek & Adley Creek Inventory
2016 Accelerated BMP Implementation Report
2015 Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) Report
2014 SRW Pollutant Source Assessment & Evaluation of Resource Management Scenarios
2014 Drainage Ditch Inventory and Inspection Grant