WaterFests are outdoor classrooms in which local environmental agency professionals communicate with students on various water-related topics like; the role of wetlands, water properties, and pollution issues.

The SRWD hosts five WaterFests each year and participates in four others. The District was also very active in working with Stearns County in 2007 to assure that every fourth-grade student within Stearns County as well as every fourth grade student in the watershed is invited to a WaterFest.

Providing Hands-On Education to Local 4th Grade Students

The WaterFest focuses on fourth-grade students as the audience, but high school and college level students also play a huge role in all the WaterFests. Older students throughout the District are asked to be presenters, bus greeters, and chaperones for the whole day of the WaterFest. College level students are also asked to volunteer and are able gain valuable volunteer and education experience for later careers.

Volunteers from the community who are willing to share their experiences or would like to volunteer as presenters are also encouraged to contact the District.